G"orlitzer Strasse, Neuss

Type: Gesamte Apartment
Preis €1550
Verfügbar 27-06-2022
Adresse G"orlitzer Strasse
Wohnungseigentum 32 m²
Postleitzahl 41460
Stadt Neuss

Enjoy Neuss and D"usseldorf in an apartment directly on the Rhine! Welcome to this chic 32m^2 apartment, which offers everything you need for a great stay in D"usseldorf and its surroundings: -> A cozy double bed -> Smart TV with NETFLIX, Prime Video, and much more. -> Fully equipped kitchenette -> Balcony -> The Rhine and many shopping opportunities in the immediate vicinity. -> Perfect connection to D"usseldorf, Cologne, and co. The 32m^2 apartment has been freshly renovated & luxuriously furnished. The proximity to the Rhine makes the apartment a real gem for all guests. You can start the day well-rested with a fresh espresso from a high-quality...

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6.72173, 51.20174
G"orlitzer Strasse